Singer-songwriter Anthony Spirito delivers some beautifully crafted & haunting moments of reverie, longing, & all things impermanent. And that theme continues with more emotional and songwriting maturity with each consecutive single released, the latest of which is the beautifully floating Ready Birds. 

The addition of Chandra Reese’s haunting vocals Romeo & Spiders only intensifies the anodyne. 
Spirito's definitive voice brings to mind moments akin to Matt Berninger of The National, vintage Elton John, Nebraska era Springsteen (particularly on the raw iPhone take of Torn), & of course, his own. 

His bio up to this point in time is captivating enough to leave you slack-jawed & wide eye'd, shaking your head in certain disbelief at various points along his journey....and he's about to kick things into overdrive by releasing another 6 EP's in 2017, 2 of which have been dropped already. 

In a world gone mad with information overload, and a time in which music no longer moves the cultural zeitgeist, he (and many artists of his ilk) tend to get buried beneath the discordant babble. But upon discovering his songs (& the mythos behind the reason he started writing/performing which I'll leave to him to tell you), you'll find yourself in the hands of a very capable writer and performer worth taking the ride for. 

He's created two feature length documentary films, gotten drunk with Tarantino, had a gig as a ranch hand at a “spiritual retreat" compound in Malibu, he's read poetry at the Poetry Project with Allen Ginsberg, slammed against Maggie Estep at the acclaimed Nuyorican Cafe', received praises from one of his heroes, Galway Kinnell, and in the last six years has written enough original music to fill about 4 full length LP's. 

He believed then as he does now---that poetry & music have the power to heal, change, convert, end, transcend, & save lives. For some that's cliche'. For Spirito, it's his oxygen. 

He's a testament to his last name, maybe even cursed by it. He's a beautiful man on a mission. And he could use your support if you like what you hear. 

SS Marx February 2017

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